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About Cognizance academy

Cognizance Enterprises Private Limited is an organization based out of Cochin with a subsidiary in Dubai and branches in various other G.C.C countries, soon looking to expand its footprint across western nations and the United States. The mission statement of Cognizance, is to become a world leader in promoting Vedic Math’s wherever there are people eager to learn, and first class chess tournaments hosted by top professionals from around the globe including Grandmasters – we have our sights set on organizing several upcoming tournaments for both serious competitors as well as for fun, recreational purposes so that anybody can get involved!

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What People Say



Vedic Math Student

“Cognizance Academy is an excellent tutorial for Vedic Maths. Over a short span, it taught me important problem-solving skills for complex Mathematical problems. It has improved my aptitude, and I highly recommend it. Thank you.”



Summer Camp Student

“I have just taken part in the Cognizance Academy’s Vedic Maths summer camp in Kerala. My experience is wonderful. Take your chance and improve your mathematical knowledge in ancient Indian techniques derived from the Vedas.”



Coaching Class Student

” Here is an enormous opportunity awaiting you to acquire problem-solving skills, boost concentration, and memory, gain a higher IQ, and work on brain exercise all at once by the game of Chess. I recommend the Cognizance Academy coaching classes for this.”



Vedic Math Summer Camp Student

” I participated in the chess camp in Kerala organised by the Cognizance Academy, and the experience made me mesmerised. Be the shatranj ke Khiladi and boast of your improved self-confidence, discipline, life skills, focus, and problem-solving skills.”



Vedic Math Student

“The Cognizance Academy has improved my numerical computations faster and quicker in just 3 months at a surprising course fee. I recommend it highly to others keen to do so.”

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